Where is my package??

You will receive a shipping notification once your order is being prepped for shipment. It could take 1-5 business days to ship. I work two jobs and making a pretty package takes time.

Do you accept custom order requests?
Not at this time, I dont have much time to make jewelry and I do not like having people wait on me.

Why is my jewelry not staying black or dark? Will my piece's patina stay the same forever?
No. Patinas change over time, depending on wear, overall body chemistry, and exposure to sweat, body oils, lotion, and other forms of moisture.

Can I have my jewelry sooner?
yes, select shipping options at check out. I will put your order at the front for anything other than first class shipping.

I broke my piece, what can I do?
I do free repairs within reason. Send me a message with a photo of the broken item so I can determine if it is able to be fixed. You send the item to me and I will fix it and return it as soon as I can.

Please keep in mind I am one person responsible for every aspect of your order. Please try to remain patient and contact me if you need your order within a certain time.