Earth and Bone Started in 2012 as a way for me to move my ever growing collection of bones and antiques.  I am a child of the woods and spend as much time as I can there making magick and exploring. Any time I come across an animal that had passed on I would collect a few of its bones to take home with me to clean. I have been collecting bones like this for nearly 10 years at this point and needed to thin my collection. I wanted to make it so the animal would forever be cherished. So I began my studies into the deep world of jewelry making and found several methods i could do this with. Even before I started making Jewelry I would send out little care packages to people because it would bring me joy knowing they would get something other than bills in the mail. So there I started sharing my work on Tumblr curious if people would like it and they did! so I shared my work on Tumblr for a bit before I moved to Instagram. Now, several years later, Earth and Bone is thriving! still as a one woman owned and operated business. I also am a full time tattooer so I have my work cut out for me, but I love it. If I'm not at the shop tattooing, I'm at home making jewelry or creating. I strive to bring you quality goods that are ethically and sustainably sourced and made by hand. I forage herbs whenever I can and always use bones collected by my own two hands to ensure ethics. Be weary of other shops that use bones in their jewelry without proving where they have "ethically sourced" the bones they use, they could be lying and buying directly from sketchy sources. Through collecting bones myself I feel as though the energy carried within them is more pleasant and thats something that can be worn and worked into magick.

   Speaking of magick, Ive been practicing witchcraft for as long as i can remember. My earliest childhood memories are of me gathering candles and thumbing through spell books while my friends looked on out of curiosity. Well over twenty years ago at this point. I remember whispering to birds and casting spells and willing the universe. Its always been apart of the person I am and now I can share that with the world. A lot because its now socially acceptable and a lot because I now have the means to do so.

Anyway! Earth and Bone is here for you and because if you Earth and Bone has been able to be here. Forever grateful!