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Getting closer to opening the site

So i will have a lot of sections on the site as coming soon. I wanted to share the new plans and just have them available to see on the site as a push for me and a tease for you. Remember I am just one person doing all of this its crazy. I'm crazy i know. You wouldn't believe making a fresh batch of 20 bath bombs takes about 4 hours and only half of them make it through and the hours of tutorials and studying i put into each was just as intense but I love making things that I know will make people happy even for just a moment. Even before E&B one of my favorite things...

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Colorado Adventure - Sunday

Today I went out to find medicinals and came across Goldenrod in abundance, it was exciting because I didn't think it grew in Colorado. I gathered a small amount to make an oil and a tincture and possibly have something for future offerings to you! Goldenrod is known to be used for allergies, arthritis, minor wounds, gout, kidney stones, eczema as well as colds and the flu. I'm really excited to learn more about my new plant friend.

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The way it used to be...

So.... before instagram there was facebook... i guess... before that myspace.... diring those tumblr and before that? Blogs... individual blogs... wordpress, blogspot, angelfire... you name it! So since Instagram is steady going down the drain thanks to facebook, I decided to try and make this website an all in one website. I used to update my blog like a diary. It was great and somehow there was a following from that, a small community of onlookers who I never knew in anyway shape or form but they were there, watching silently as I rambled all the teen angst and other happenings I could. So why not try that now? Anyhow! Welcome to my new website all you lovely people, I'm...

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